May 14, 2008

Rare Disney story sketches from Robert Cowan

a vivid story sketch of Ward Kimball from "The Reluctant Dragon"


From "Melody Time"

A very rough page of sketches for "Sleeping Beauty"-look closely to read some of the hilarious dialogue. What was this page done for, I wonder? A preliminary of fuller sketches to come?

Lovely drawings from "Hawaiian Holiday"

Go there now! Lots more where this came from-and not just story sketches and thumbnails, but layouts. backgrounds, cels...and not only from the Disney studio. It's a collection to drool over.  Bob Cowan-who was unknown to me before I recently bought his self-published Willy Ingeborg scrapbook facsimile-is a very generous guy to want to share this treasure he's amassed, and we're all the richer for it.  The Cowan Collection


Bob Cowan said...

Jenny- Glad you liked the images! Have fun!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

A terrific site! Thanks for pointing it out!

Kristy Gordon said...

Eee, these are awesome Jenny!!

Good to see you up here again;)