Sep 16, 2007

More Dance of the Hours illos

See the previous post--I'll be updating it further today and later during the week. These scans are tedious work, but I'm happy to be able to share them.


Cale Atkinson said...

Thanks a lot for posting these Jenny!
It`s great to see this artwork which I would otherwise most likely never get the chance to see!
Ah now after that inspiration back to the paper and pencil!
- Cale

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

These sketches are great! Imagine the kids book library Disney must have in it's archive. I saw an archive exhibit once that included some old European Disney books that probably weren't sold here. Aaaargh! To die for!

Thanks, by the way, for the helpful comment on my own blog when I was all bummed out.

Will Finn said...

thanks jenny. im gonna guess jim bodrero did a lot of these, especially the softr pencil ones. just glorious. this is one of the few segments of fantasia i can still sit thru.

Dave Dick said...

Can't wait! Thanks so much for sharing these!

Unknown said...

Thanks Jenny! I have a thin Fantasia book that was released in 1940 as well and I shall dig it out and post some of the pictures for you--it is quite interesting and relays one of the stories in much the same way.