Sep 15, 2007

Don Shank's Kurt

A lot of artists love to moonlight with girlie drawings, and many are superb at it. Few do the same with guys, likely because 99% of the artists are guys themselves and they'd prefer to work with a little more curvature when they're goofing around having fun.

Don Shank is tops with both genders on the pages of his sketchbooks. Back in the Turner development days Don had a fat sheaf of his girl drawings so choice that he was always granting requests for copies; I have one (and I wish I knew where I pu the darn things); they're completely wonderful--great designs and attitudes.

But since his blog has been up I've enjoyed his character Kurt even more than the ladies. Here's a guy I feel I know, who'd fit right in at a party, bar or in a 1961 film kibitzing with Bobby Morse or someone. It's definitely worth a trip to Don's blog to backtrack and vist the various Kurt posts--but be warned: the vast majority are rated G but a few aren't family-friendly.


Chris Battle said...

Ha-- a lot of Don's stuff ain't "family friendly". Thank god for that :)

It is, however, never less than 100% awesome.

Jenny Lerew said...

Very true, Chris!

al hayball said...

JUST discovered Don, FANTASTIC! I agree with all your comments!
from a fellow artist:
al hayball UK