May 27, 2007

Travel, vintage, cartoons

I was always told jet lag a)wears off after the first day or so, and
b)is always worse when flying west to east.
Neither has been true for me...or maybe Paris has a special hangover effect. That must be it.

Anyway, here's a little something that popped out at me from today's(May 27)New York Times:
Because We're Not There Yet

Someone found a copy of a 1954 book on traveling with the family via car. It looks like fun(I love this kind of social anthropology), and has some neat illustrations to boot.
Here's two:

Unfortunately the illustrator of this little book isn't credited in the article.

I do try and keep the posts here specific to animation, but I think all the animators I know wouldn't mind seeing these or knowing this book exists--Ward Jenkins, I'm squinting at you--so...

ETA: More Fun: The intrepid Scott Santoro found this fun b/w clip of the author of "Traveling By Car", Carol Lane, demonstrating how to pack.


Ward Jenkins said...

Ha! What a fun book! I wish I had that one. I'll have to do a search for it now....

The illos look similar to Janet La Salle (I have a set of some of her work HERE), but I don't think that they are done by her. She had a special style that these illos don't possess.

Amy said...

I am entranced by the ankles of the immaculately-dressed mother packing the trunk.

Pack shoes INSIDE socks! How times have changed ;)

Lovely pictures :)