Mar 14, 2007

Working on it

from my sketchblog. I've got to put something visual up, for pete's sake.

Simply because I myself get antsy when a blog doesn't update I thought I'd enter a little placeholder of a post to say that I'm currently in the process of writing a couple of things. There's a lot going on at work--even more than usual-- and a full plate outside of work, precluding much writing time. In the meanwhile I'm really enjoying zipping around having a good look at what everyone else is updating. There's an unbelievable amount of great stuff going up lately--especially personal artwork. If you haven't clicked through the links here lately, I urge you to do so--it's a long list but every one is a treat.

I did recently pull out my old facsimile copy of "The Mousetrap", a privately published...well, it's a kind of zine of the 1940s(very early 40s, I think--I believe the date is in the book). Contributors to this onetime magazine/book included Ward Kimball and Fred Moore--Moore's drawings from this publication(there are several pages of them) have been reproduced many places at various times, but as these copies are so good-looking I thought I'd scan them for inclusion here.
So that's one thing.

I've also been promised scans of the other "How To Draw" books that Disneyland sold in the 1950s: Chip and Dale, Mickey, and Donald among them. I'll be sure to put those up as soon as I received them--it's a lot of work for the owner to do, and he's been very generous to offer to share them here.

More soon, then. Happy midweek, everyone.


mark kennedy said...

Very nice drawings, Jenny! Yes, blogging is hard work and a lot of pressure, like a beast that always is looking at you, waiting to be fed. I have an old 50's version of "How to Draw Mickey" that I could give you to scan, if you want, but it's not very good.

Boris Hiestand said...

looking forward to your updates- meanwhile these are sexy- lovely lines.

David Scott Smith said...

Beautiful... love these lines and that's crazy brush control if you're in Cintiq?
Hi Jenny, long time no parlez. I'll mention here rather than direct and perhaps garner more helpful advice. I think you may have a formatting problem. Published images overlap sidebar areas in safari and firefox As very very new to this as I am it might? be resolved in formatting - enable float alignment - click no.

or is it just me..

love what you do

Vanwall said...

A bit Brooksie-looking, and a nice flair for expressions. Love your work.