Mar 8, 2007

Calarts au courant: Lorelay Bove and Leo Matsuda

My friend Dave was waxing proudly on his class at Calarts.
He teaches story to second years, frequently asking friends and colleagues to come to Valencia to speak and offer the students some feedback.

Last night the guests were Shannon Tindle and Shane Prigmore, two artists Dreamworks is fortunate to have. Definitely visit their respective blogs.

And speaking of blogs, Dave introduced me to two current Calarts students you should know:

Spain's Lorelay Bove

And from Brazil, Leo Matsuda.

Both of these young artists have blogs filled with juicy eye candy. It's wonderful to think that they're at the very start of their careers. Heaven only knows who else is out there that we generally don't know about or stumble across in the blogosphere--that's what makes it especially fun to see the work of brand new talent. Great stuff, guys.

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Kali Fontecchio said...

THose are so pretty- I keep staring at them.