Feb 20, 2007


The things I have lying around...this still has all the matches in it. One can only hope that the GI who got this heeded the message(where do you think it was distributed? The Hollywood Canteen perhaps?).

Good old Snafu!


Kali Fontecchio said...

VD!!!! Pretty cool Jenny.

Shawn Dickinson said...

Hahaha! This is very cool!

Even SNAFU knows to be careful around the red-light-district.

Where do you find these historical artifacts, Jenny? Flea markets? Antique shops? I too am an avid collector and scour antique shops everywhere I go (mostly searching for vintage cartoon paraphernalia), but this Snafu matchbook is the most amazing thing I've seen yet!

Lee-Roy said...

wow! haha. great item!

Sandra Khoo said...

WOW! That IS old. Canteens handing them out? How about the ol' drugstores. Thank you so much for sharing of isnpirational material,Jenny.
I want to ask for your permission to use the Walt Disney article from the How to Draw Goofy post,to emphasize the importance of using one's own creativity to churn our originality and not all about copying.
If that's alright with you.

Thank you.

Jenny Lerew said...

Sandra--certainly, go right ahead. Thanks for giving me a heads up--the copyright notice is really for my original drawings(if any)and my writing; the history ephemera like the Disney stuff, etc. is there for everyone to use as they like. Have at it!

Sandra Khoo said...

Thank you so very very much,Jenny!