Jan 5, 2007

Olivia Ruiz - La femme chocolat

I caught a tiny glimpse of this video(by one of France's most popular recording artists of the moment)last night, and thought it looked charming. It reminds me of the happy days when MTV was chock full of clever/cute/crude/odd videos like this with animation in them. Now it's all reality shows.
Anyway, the main reason for this posting is to inspire nostalgia in the rest of you--and make you think of chocolate.


Jeff Pidgeon said...

Mission accomplished!


antikewl said...

Well it's not surprising they're always thinking of chocolat over in France... have you seen the number of chocolate shops and patisseries they have over there?! I don't think I saw one street without some kind of confectioner, drawing us in with it's sweet delicacies, while we were in Paris last week.

They even have "mega" pain au chocolats there now. And, yes, I bought one. :)

Matt Ferguson said...

That was super cute. Really appealing.

Jenny Lerew said...
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Jenny Lerew said...

Oh, man--screwed up my comment. Anyway, once again--

Jeff--happy new year!

Antikewl--wish I HAD been to Paris--never yet--I hope to go this year and ooh la la! if the chocolate is that prevalent...ahhhh. Of course, the rest of the city experience is good too, I'm sure.
; )
Matt--thank you! I'm glad it appeals. And I wanted to try the old Youtube posting thing. Easy as pie.

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

thank you for this, jenny! chocolate is always welcome here ;)
it's actually difficult to find any chocolate shops here in ireland as well, i got used to the fantastic 'pasticcerie' we have in italy and i'm really missing all that..
the video was very cute!
take care, ale

Floyd Norman said...


We could sure use more of that.

PotatoFarmGirl said...

This video seriously made my week. It is so happy!

the doodlers said...


patrick mate said...

C'est adorable!Thankyou Jenny , I'm going to watch it every morning,it's a great song to start the day.C'est trop mignon!