Jan 8, 2007

del Carmen, Casarosa, Tadahiro

Here's Ronnie del Carmen holding a book that's the print version of a three artist show he participated in last year, "Three Trees Make a Forest"-with his friend and colleague Enrico Casarosa and the exquisite Japanese artist Tadahiro Uesugi.

All three of these guys are seminal influences--on me, and doubtless on thousands of others, hundreds of whom are working in animation. Ronnie is a story artist, and his masterful use of space coupled with his very appealing characters made each new sequence he did something to pounce on--and if possible, to xerox. Enrico is another in this vein, very different but with lines that also come alive immediately. Tadahiro is just...something else again. Look them all up.

You can check the book out here. I swiped the gleeful photo from Ronnie's own page, incidentally. Is that Pixar's building behind him?


Jeff said...

I think that's the interior of the Pixar building.

Jenny Lerew said...

Thanks! I got confirmation from a couple of savvy fellows here today too...I figured it must be, but every shot of the place looks different to me--a lot of interesting angles in there.

sourgrapes said...

That's so cool!! I didn't know about the building being inspired by a train station.

^^ The book looks great, thanks for the heads up Jenny, I'll need to get myself a copy.

Lee-Roy said...

These guys are an inspiration, for sure. I want that book!