Dec 2, 2006

Ralph Hulett's Christmases

I'm not sure how many of the visitors to this blog also regularly stop at the Animation Guild's frequently updated online location, so just in case...

Steve Hulett, local 839's Business Manager, is not only an alumnus of Disney Feature Animation, but his father Ralph was a distinguished Disney artist in the golden age. Above is just one of his father's christmas card designs which Steve's been regifting to the public via the TAG blog. These weren't the usual projects done strictly for friends and family--Hulett did these as freelance jobs for some extra coin. Just imagining an artist knocking these beauties out while maintaining a fulltime studio gig makes you feel a little lazy, doesn't it? On the other hand, many of my current peers are managing the same sort of output--books, paintings, gallery shows and such all while giving their all to their day jobs. Amazing.

Here's a link to more of them: Ralph Hulett's Christmas paintings
You can always pay the TAG blog a visit and scroll down to see the thumbs and enlarge them there, too. There are many styles and an impressive display of masterful technique.

I also wanted to mention once again that Dave Pimentel, head of story on "Bee Movie" and currently teaching story at Calarts, has posted another in a series he's handed out to his students on drawing for storytelling. He usually posts his personal sketchbook drawings, but will likely be putting up more of this sort of offering. It's definitely worth checking out:

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