Dec 28, 2006

2719 Hyperion blog

The title of this post is of course the address of the old Disney Hyperion studio--and now also a blog of note.
How is it I'd never heard of this blog before? It seems to have existed since September.

2710 Hyperion

They've got a swell collection of a heck of a lot of swell stuff, including many more of the Disney Studio's annual Christmas cards. Here's one from 1941:

to see the larger one and many others, click on the link above

I've only got two or three of these cards, myself...and I'm drooling with envy.
Lots of wonderful information there, too.
I just now discovered this site via the intrepid Didier Ghez(also always worth a visit), so know little about it, but thought I ought to link it right away--the better for more to enjoy!


Jeffrey Pepper said...

Thanks Jenny for your very kind words! I also recently discovered your blog as well(through Didier of course).

I plan on spending some time going back through your archive--looks like you've got some great, great stuff!


Jenny Lerew said...

The pleasure's all mine, Jeff! I'm in awe of your collection just at first glance. It's going to take me a long time to catch up(but will be a lot of fun).

Between you, Didier, Hans Perk, Mark Mayerson and a few others(not forgetting Michael Sporn and Michael Barrier), it's like a web-based encyclopedia of animation--especially Disney. Fantastic.

art of disney said...

Love this post, and also love Moomin!