Sep 21, 2006

One moment please

While you were out...

Since the begining of this blog I haven't had a hiatus of this length in Blackwing Diaries--nearly two weeks. Just for the record, I do have new things to post and I hope by the time I do--later today, for a start--someone will still be browsing.
It's been an even crazier time than usual on the work end of things...and animation production is nothing if not crazy as a matter of course. In fact, it's so normal to be constantly breathless and beating deadlines that a moment of calm can feel strangely was ever thus, I'd guess, in animation.


Jim Mortensen said...

We're still here!

God bless RSS.

J Hardy Carroll said...

Hey, Jenny

Good on ye to take some time away. I know what you mean, though. I've missed your posts, especially your longer discourses on story. Always informative and nice to read.
My own schedule has been killing me, so I've taken a hiatus from cartoon production and have launched a webcomic based of the characters in the animation. It's very story-centered and humorous... I'd love to get your opinion if you have time (ha).

Glad you're back


David Germain said...

That is a really nice reclining lady picture.

However, I can't beleive you didn't dedicate a Sept. 21 blogpost to Chuck Jones. It was his birthday after all. I did on my blog though, a day late but better late than never.

Unknown said...

Hee! I had to put the same post on my blog, Jenny. It didn't come with a nice doodle though - no time even for that!


Abz said...

real nice..i like the line work.