Apr 6, 2006

Gandalf and his sidekick, that pesky Frodo.

The latest from Dave Pimentel:

...and he tells me this was a phone doodle?
I tell you, folks--sometimes you just feel...speechless.


J said...

Yeah... hmmm. It's great that Dave is doing this. His stuff has been informing my work for years now. Now he's keeping that bar high with his blog.
Also, Thanks for the comment Jenny. It's very appreciated.

Jeff said...

You are doing great work here. Thank you for the education and all the effort this must take. It is really appreciated.

Jenny Lerew said...

Many thanks for those kind comments, Jeff. I have to admit, though--it takes less effort than it looks! But your feedback is one of the things that really makes me feel good about it. ; )
If I have any information that's interesting to anyone, believe me, it's my pleasure to share--and learn from other guys and girls out there, too. It seems there are more distinctly-themed animation blogs every day, which is fantastic. I'll try and keep up!