Apr 14, 2006

Freddie Moore-a preview

From the collection of James Walker

This is one in a fairly long gag sequence done by David "Bud" Swift for the amusement of himself, Ward Kimball, Ken O'Brien and of course the subject: Fred Moore. There's a story behind these drawing themselves, which I'll tell when I've managed to scan them all and present them here in proper order. Until then, here's one--Moore appealing for understanding to his pal Kimball.

Interesting to compare this drawing(drawn by Ken O'Brien, tracing off a David Swift original) with the actual rough animation pose by Fred himself in the previous post.


Ali said...

I think i read somewhere that Lampwick was a sort of self portrait. Maybe that imploring pose was habitual of Moore?:)

Really funny dialogue on that sketch.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jenny. For one so young, you really know a lot about these old guys. I regret I was never able to meet Freddy. He was sure one of my heros. I did get to hang out with Ward quite a bit, and I'm grateful for that.

Bud Swift was not only a talented animator, but a writer/director as well. It was great to see an animator move into live-action with such ease. I was on the set nearly every day when Bud was directing "The Parent Trap" at Disney.

MondayMorgue said...

cool, thanks for posting this, can't wait to see the others.
my room-mate has the walt disney biography, 'man behind the myth'
(I think it's called)...acting as a coffee table book. So I've been reading it
and it's been so interesting learning about the early days of Walt before the Hyperion studio.
It's especially exciting since all that history happended right here around us.
I've been wanting to check out the address of his first studio on Kingswell in Los Feliz
and see what's there now, if anything.

Hans Perk said...

My collegue Luca reminded me recently that so little is spoken of Freddie doing the Oysters in Alice. He did 11 scenes in there, pretty much all of them. So let's shout it from the rooftops...

Ken Kearney said...

Jenny ...You have the best blog I've seen about Fred Moore, and all the Disney info! Keep up the good work!