Jan 5, 2006

Back at work

Yes, it's Rudolph's Shiny New Year, and we're just living in it.
I'm at the moment a living, breathing exponent of some version of Murphy and his law, having arrived back at work with a couple of painful mystery ailments to juggle wth deadlines--so no attention to the Diaries lately. I do have that urge to publish, though. How about this:

So, you busy this Feb. 9th?

I can't quite remember where I got this, but it's one of the original invites. I wonder how many employees of the studio would have been invited to the premiere--probably not many. I'd guess certainly the directing animators and supervisors. Pulling this out of the files creates the urge to wander down to the archives and have a look at the album that must exist for this event down there, but I work across the river now.

Odd only-in-L.A.-note: the doctor I happened to see at the Motion Picture Clinic yesterday turned out to be a serious collector of animation art--and I mean serious, folks: he's very proud of his Felix and Iwerks originals, as well as his early Disney's. Good grief! Nothing like having one's blood pressure taken under a life-sized portrait of Carole Lombard, talking about preferences for drawings over cels with the Dr. C'est la Hollywood!


J said...

Hope you get over the illnesses and the deadlines. Good luck!

Jenny Lerew said...

Thanks! Both under control now. ; )