Jan 13, 2006

3 day weekend, 3 women

Last minute of the day doodles for a Friday:



Bob Logan said...

Nice, Jenny!

Bob Logan

John S. said...

Wow! I love these!!
I was also very inspired by the John K elephants.
Thanks for sharing!

Jenny Lerew said...

Thankee, Bob!--and thanks, robotae'--I enjoy your blog postings too. : )

Amelia Lorenz said...

Cool blog Jenny! I really like this style of the three women. I'd like to see more!


Jenny Lerew said...

Thanks, Amelia! Kind words are always appreciated. : )

Anonymous said...

2-D lives! Keep it up! You never mentioned being a director!

Jenny Lerew said...

Sam331--you're certainly intrepid! How'd you find that out? I did direct for a while, and got two trips to the Emmy awards as a bonus. No wins, though, darn it(those Emmys are HUGE--talk about shiny tchotckes). I gave the directing gig up to go to Amblimation and into feature animation story, and have never looked back. : )

Anonymous said...

Great understanding of human motion here... and magnificent personality. Like many great classic cartoon characters, these women seem to have interesting schemes percolating.

Dave James said...


These are very nice sketches and you have a wonderful blog. I want to put a link to your blog on mine.

Great blog!