Dec 10, 2005

"Last night I dreamt I wore a Maidenform again..."

I certainly have to hand it to whomever thought up this long campaign for the ubiquitous Maidenform bra. These are just two examples of slightly risque whimsy from the early 60s. Whatever happened to imagination in advertising, anyway? You'd think it migrated solely to europe and asia.


Jeff Pidgeon said...

Hi Jenny! What are you working on these days? Flushed Away? Shrek 3?

I'm still plugging away at work - I'll have been at the studio for 15 years next fall!

I love the naivete of early advertising too. There's a great charm to a lot of it, mainly because its methods are so obvious.

You've reminded me of a couple of ads I want to put on my blog. I got distracted by reviewing "Narnia".

Anyway, glad to hear from you again! Your drawings look great - keep in touch!


Jeff Pidgeon said...

*Well!* I didn't know I needed to be *approved!*

:D Jeff