Dec 18, 2005

Art and New York

As every person interested in animation must know by now, Pixar is the subject of an exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art that opened last week. I've read the coverage in my daily paper (the NY Times), with an excellent, thoughtful review as well as a glamour followup photo spread(albeit a tiny one)in today's "Sunday Styles" section. I just dropped by MOMA's website to check on the length of the show, and do please go there now is you haven't already. To see a slowly changing banner across the top of MOMA's page with pastel renderings from Nemo is strangely moving...or really, not so strange. It's a terrific honor for the studio--by which I mean of course what the studio is, the artists.

I see that it runs through the first weekend in February...great, as I had tentatively planned to be in NY that weekend for another event.
Manhattan is so different now from my first steps there attending NYU as a fine art major (part of my circuitous route to Calarts)...but there is nothing like that wonderful garbagey smell, the sound of traffic between the tall buildings, the cold, the lights, the hot air from the subway, the sound of wheels on wet pavement. People actually dressed in clothes other than t-shirts and jeans. A strange and mythical place.
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