Nov 19, 2013

Diane Disney Miller 1933-2013

Sad news. By all accounts a very smart, gutsy, caring, determined woman: daughter, wife, mother, sister, philanthropist.

Outside the Walt Disney Family Museum.
 Here are Michael Barrier's impressions of his visit to the Disney Museum in San Francisco-the very existence of which is due to Diane Miller's vision and hard work.


Unknown said...

RIP Diane

Kerry said...

Farewell, Diane, and we will hold all your legacies close to our hearts.

It's phenomenal to think that she and her sister Sharon were part of the events leading up to Walt's idea for a theme park, because their trips to Griffith Park.

Now the sun never sets on the Disney Empire of parks, and in that case it didn't start with a mouse, but a devoted dad and his two beloved daughters.