Aug 22, 2013

The Imagineering Story: Disney's WED gets the Iwerks treatment in 2016

Have a look at this trailer, premiered at the recent D23 event and written up in Los Angeles Magazine by Chris Nichols:

It's being produced by a filmmaker with sterling credentials for the job, documentarian Leslie Iwerks-granddaughter of Ub and daughter of Imagineer Don.
This promises to be a must-see that I only wish weren't three years away. Behind the scenes footage of the early days of Disneyland and  EPCOT always gets me as it clearly does so many others: seeing Walt's pitching skills at their finest, giving us "tours" and glimpses inside Flower St. buildings with mind-bendingly talented men and women working away inside...great stuff, and fortunately there are still veterans from those years that appear in Iwerks' film to speak for themselves and their experiences, among them Alice Davis and Bob Gurr.
From the LA magazine post-a shot of Walt with-is it Anaheim city officials?-taken around 1949 or so. My guess based on his appearance. I should know better, but don't.The article credits the Orange County Archives.

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samacleod said...

And U'm very glad they interviewed Marty Skylar...he's getting up in age, they probably should have made this about 10 years ago. But he looks good. He's the man behind the Ryman Program i went through.

I just wonder how they'll end it. How honest they'll be about it's...situation. WDI seems like a ghost of it's former self, in the way it functions, in the way they do business, in the way they innovate.

Regardless, it is amazing what they did in the past, I'm looking forward to seeing it. I can't believe there's a trailer for it 3 years out. That sounds bizarre. Why so long???