Sep 7, 2011

Fred Moore's 100th

 Moore with his wife Virginia and baby daughter in the late 1930s

Robert Fred Moore, animator, was born on this day, September 7, 1911. 100 years on and his influence is still meaningful in the films he worked on, the characters he helped define, and the effortless joy of his draftsmanship. Happy Birthday, Fred!
Edited to add: I wrote this before seeing the wonderful post Andreas Deja wrote to mark this occasion. Andreas is a great admirer of Fred's work and has one of the finest collections of animation art in private hands-including a large selection of Fred's animation work and personal drawing. The prostrate figure below is one I've never seen before (I'm guessing it came to Andreas through his friend and former colleague, Ollie Johnston). Typically lovely. Head to Andreas' blog to see much more of Fred's art: Deja View


mrmagoo said...

Hi Jenny....Great blog, missed you last night at the Smokehouse.Everyone had a good time remembering Fred Moore on his 100 birthday. Lots of good stories and artwork. Hope you are doing ok. Thanks for the nice blog about the book.


Dave Pimentel said...

Hey! Fred Moore has the same Bday as my mom. Hahaha.
Nice post. give us more, more, more...

Snow White Archive said...

Your blog truly rocks! Just added you to my blog list. Great posts...informative and interesting. Snow White wouldn't have been the same without Fred Moore's Dwarfs.

Toby Shelton said...

Fred Moore had a big influence on me as a young animator. Studying his drawings was a workshop in rhythm, weight, form and -- most illusive of all -- APPEAL! Always elegantly stated, pure and simple without pretense, I found his work to be more accessible than say -- Milt Kahl. (No disrespect to Uncle Milt.)
Thanks for the post.