Mar 1, 2010

Sanjay Patel's Ramayana

There was a lucky bonus from dropping into Shane Prigmore's office today. Displayed among the many other visual goodies on his shelves was a volume with an arresting cover-the kind you're compelled to pick up. At Shane's behest I did, and found it was a brand new book from Sanjay Patel.

I've never met Sanjay but his wonderfully appealing designs of figures from Hindu lore are instantly recognizable, posted and reposted on the blogs of his many admirers. This new book (full title "Ramayana: Divine Loophole")is really stunning in its tackling of the Ramayana, the same story of love and war between gods and mortalsthat inspired Nina Paley's "Sita Sings the Blues".

Leafing through page after page of his lush, beautifully composed, dynamic illustrations was inspiring. Fascinating material, brilliantly executed. The color styling alone would be worth studying-as it is, it's merely as choice as every other element. My copy is on it's way.


shahab said...

Great works!love this style.

Naoki Araiza said...

wow! yeah! is gorgeous!

Tel Coelho said...

That's Great