Nov 14, 2008

That Hamster in Story

Mark Walton at work © 2008 Marc Smith

This is story artist Mark Walton's year, no question. He was tapped for some scratch a while back and it's worked out okay for him.

In Sunday's (11/15) New York Times: "The Voice Behind the Disney Drawing Board". It's fun to see the Times apply their Grey Lady treatment to a description of Mark and his infamous cubicle(shown above in a photograph by fellow artist Marc Smith). I don't believe for a second that he was really "nervous", though--more like his regular-grade joie de vivre.

And here's a brand-new, fun companion website for "Bolt", You Are Fully Awesome!, where the fanboy hamster becomes your biggest fan.

Check him out!


TheZealot said...

Yay for Walton! It's good to see the Times profile a story artist (though the media continues it's fascination with front-line talent over behind-the-lines talent).

David said...

Mark is my new hero, He was my teacher back in Calarts. One of the best! I can't wait to see Bolt!