Sep 30, 2008

"Bolt"-a Little Golden Book by Joe Moshier

This came in the mail yesterday from Amazon: ""Bolt", a Little Golden Book".

As most of you know, this film is coming soon to a theatre near you. But right now you can order the wonderful picture book by Disney designer/visdev artist Joe Moshier, which I recommmend doing stat.

I love the Golden Books done by Joe's former classmate Scott Tilley for such titles as "Finding Nemo" and this is just as appealing and beautifully done. I believe it's Joe's first book (his day job as a character designer at features is a busy one), but you'd never know it; the compositions, color, posing-all are completely assured and just so terrifically cute. There isn't a kid or artist alive that I can't imagine would love this eye candy. And by the way, "Bolt" is quite the same way in its other incarnation.

"The Art of Bolt" comes out soon as well-that I haven't seen, but have ordered. Believe me, the work by the directors(both of whom have drawn lovely storyboards), story, the incomparable art direction by Paul Felix as well as the work by everyone involved is beautiful. There are stunning displays in the animation building with all kinds of visdev and story work blown up lifesize and larger on the walls, and it not only holds together but is so solid that it makes one feel good just to walk by them. The film works that way too: it's one that reminds me of "Basil of Baker Street", which I loved and was a huge gift from the animation department to us--the audience. If you know what I mean. The early 80s were a nail-biting time for aspiring animation people.

I need to apologize to Joe for the rough iphone photos reproduced here, but I think as raw as they are you can tell what a swell little tome this book of his is.


David Gilson said...

Thanks for sharing and by the way, great artwork (especially your cats and some of your girls!).
I also ordered my Bolt Little Golden book and can't wait to receive it in my mailbox!
Can you just tell me if Joe Moshier also drawn Mittens and Rhino in the book please? ;)
Thanks by advance Jenny.

Jenny Lerew said...

David: h draws all the main characters from the film in the book, rest assured. His Rhino design is especially great. I know you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for the nice comments!

David Gilson said...

Oh you're welcome Jenny and it's me now who thank you for your answer!
I really can't wait to see how Moshier drew Mittens who's my fav'!

pbcbstudios said...


Matt Jones said...

Thnx for flagging this-looks terrific. Was Joe responsible for the design of Emperore New Groove?
It seems the Lasseter/Catmull regime are really pushing the publishing division-SO many great looking titles coming out.

Anonymous said...

Just curious: who the heck is "Stuart Smith of Disney's Global Design Group," and what exactly did he "design?"

Aaronphilby said...

really nice work!

Daisy Church said...

looks super cute! I love that you compare it to basil of baker street- that's a huge plus/incentive for me to see bolt now, since I loved great mouse det as a kid ; ) (and still do!)

thanks for posting these- will def have to check this (and the other book) out!