Jun 1, 2008

Mary Blair cards

Here's an example of an Ebay auction that got away many weeks ago-a lot of commercially sold Mary Blair card designs.
These are clearly some of Mary's visual development generated from the "goodwill tour" Walt Disney and some handpicked artists took to prepare for their films "Three Caballeros" and "Saludos Amigos"; they bear the Disney "signature" at the lower right.
As I didn't win these all I have are these rather poor photos to show, but I think they're well worth posting as they're just so hard to find. They went for over $120.


Barbasaurus Rex said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting these!! I saw some of these at the mary blair exibit in San Francisco and was heartbroken I was unable to take a photo since a guard was hanging around. I tried to memorize every detail but you saved the day as always!!!!
You are amazing, I am so grateful for you and this blog!!!

Kristy Gordon said...

OOohhh these are so beautiful! Thanks for posting them!