Apr 7, 2008

101 Dalmatians, 3 Bloggers

swiped/borrowed from Michael Sporn's blog, which you should visit immediately

A triumvirate of essential blogs are contributing to an analysis of the just-released-on-DVD "101 Dalmations". Hans Perk has posted the drafts(the records of who animated what for the entire film), Mark Mayerson is putting up his shot for shot "mosaics"--a kind of visual draft, and invaluable--along with his typically sharp and interesting commentary. And the redoubtable Michael Sporn has done a fantastic post on the "art student" girl's walk--the slouching gal with her matching afghan hound.

It's been said before of this kind of loose collaboration, but this is really the best of the blogosphere: when something like this is put out there and is available to everyone and anyone. What riches.

All of these guys deserve a lot of applause they can't hear for their efforts.


Matt J said...

Hey jenny, thanks for the kind comment on my blog. These 101Dalamtions blog posts are fanastic aren't they? I'm planning a 101 related post on my Ronald Searle blog soon.

the doodlers said...

I'm clapping... :)