Jan 16, 2008

Scrambled Ink book-coming in summer '08

Dave Pimentel and JJ Villard after our group trek to the Comic Con last summer.You couldn't find a better bunch of traveling companions.

An early rough splash page we put together for the book--this isn't the design, nothing here is final(especially color)-very, very early; this version also doesn't yet include the name of Keith Baxter; left column top to bottom is Ken, Dave D. and JJ; on the right is Dave P., me and Ennio

This blog is usually reserved for touting animation-related doings other than my own, but I'd like to give a heads up on a group project that six of us(all story artists working on the same crew, save JJ who was in visdev)hatched 18 months ago after visiting ComicCon '06 and being mightily inspired with the artists' books that were beginning to appear in ever-increasing numbers.

Since every one of us independently had thoughts of doing a sketchbook and had started exploring the various self-publishing options we decided to do one book together and split the expense. Eventually the book of sketches became a book of stories--one we still planned to do ourselves--but several months after that the founder of comics/book/entertainment company Dark Horse, Mike Richardson, came to Dreamworks to give a talk that most of us attended. A particularly intrepid soul among us approached Mike and pitched him our book. He liked it, we sent a rough dummy--and contracts were signed.
Our self-publishing venture had changed into a real publishing deal with a real editor, Diana Schutz(who's edited for and worked with Will Eisner and Frank Miller among others, ye gods!).
So in time for the ComicCon of 2008, our book "Scrambled Ink" will be out this summer in hardcover.

I'm in the company of a great group of guys with individual points of view: Dave Derrick, Dave Pimentel, Ennio Torresan, Ken Morrissey(who eventually brought Keith Baxter on board to write the prose for his story) and last but never least the inimitable JJ Villard. We did stories from 'the back of our brains'(as Ernie Kovacs might say) and ones we had had percolating for a while on the front burner, too. They're all quite different from each other--hence the "scrambled" title--which at one time we imagined might have a vintage menu look for the the table of contents, (as can be somewhat gleaned from the old page above). It's not like that now--there's not a retro diner menu design in it--but it's still a melange, that's for sure.

Dave Pimentel drew Ennio Torresan, me, and David Derrick taking a break last spring; I'm wondering why I am pictured drawing with a big smile, though. Given the date I'd probably just made reservations for Paris-that kept me smiling for two months-before and after.

They're all good friends as well as great coworkers and my life would be so much more dull without them. It's a hackneyed phrase but true: I'm honored to be in their company. I think--I hope--that our combined stories will appeal. It's great of Dark Horse, Mike and Diana to help us get it out there.

Coming soon!


samacleod said...

I'm very excited. I'll be first in line!

Mark Mayerson said...

This is a book that I look forward to buying. Congratulations on the deal with Dark Horse.

Please say 'hi' to Ken Morrissey for me. I haven't seen him or his wife Clare in years.

Vanwall said...

How wonderful! Congratulations to you and your crew, it must very very gratifying! Gallery shows next? ;-) See you at the Comic-Con in Dago, and I hope some autographs come my way for my copy of "Scrambled Ink".
Way to go!

Jenny Lerew said...

Mark, thanks so much! I certainly will pass along your "his" to the lovely Morrisseys--both of them are tops and I'd wager they haven't changed a bit. : )

Steve--aw! *blush*

vanwall-thanks! I know all our pens will be warmed up & ready for drawing/signing! Gah...it really doesn't seem real. It probably won't even by San Diego. ; )

mark kennedy said...

That's great news, Jenny, hopefully I can get to San Diego this year and get a copy - I can't wait to check it out!

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Congratulations on the book and very cute sketch!

pbcbstudios said...

It's going to be an exciting year in books!

Anonymous said...

Hey, This book sounds really cool, I'm taking animation at Sheridan College (ontario), I really like you blog, the artwork are all favourites of mine. Right now I'm working in a group of 12 to create a short animated film, so this blog is really inspiring. Good luck in the future.

Magnus I. Møller said...

Hi, thanks for your comment! I didn't see it until now.

I just wanted to thank you for spending the time making such a inspirational blog with so many interesting reads. I've been hanging around for some years, so I though it was on time to show my appreciation. More, more ;)

Scott Morse said...

I'm so excited for this, and for you guys to see print like this! It's about time. I love Diana...she's an old friend, and VERY trustworthy. She'll get you through any rough roads without you even knowing you were on one.

Congrats! See you at San Diego, if not before...;)

Kyri Kyprianou said...

nice blog, there's a lot of really cool stuff here!

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Hi Jen, was just stopping by as usual then I noticed the link to my blog, thank you so much for that.
Good luck again with the book!

intergalactic said...

JJ Villard?? I heard that kid drinks blood to full his creative energy!!?? If that's so tell that kid to wake his ass up and do another short.


David Germain said...

Hey, Jenny, are you posting anything for Tex Avery's birthday like I just did?

Trevor Thompson said...

Man, I wish I had known about Tex's birthday. Then I could be cool like Dave. ;P

Jenny, congrats on the deal with Dark Horse. One of my favorite comic companies. Look forward to seeing your stuff on the shelves!

- trevor.

Richard Gaines said...

A really fun blog site! Also, ditto re: Dark Horse!

Anonymous said...