Nov 5, 2007

Podcast and Post alerts

A quick heads up to let readers know that Clay Kaytis has just posted a new episode of his Animation Podcast, this one an interview with Disney veteran Dale Baer. He's a man with a long and distinguished history as well as an enormous amount of goodwill in the industry; I've known dozens of people who worked with or for Dale and not one had anything but very happy memories.

an example from the pen of Dave Pimentel
And on Drawings From a Mexican there's some very good tips about drawing an uninspiring model. Dave Pimentel has been even busier than usual lately, so an update from him is always welcome.

And one more [technical] thing: although I like the "new" template that you currently see here(in particular its organizing sidebar that directs the reader to just how obsessive I am about Fred Moore and other subjects), the interface for adding links is a huge pain; they must be done one at a time, laboriously. Anyone who has a way around this, give me a tip, won't you? I cringe at losing all my links to blogs I love and want to point the reader to...but this one-by-one thing is for the birds.


Cookedart said...

Hey Jenny,

Instead of adding a "Link List" to your sidebar, try adding an HTML/Javascript Page Element to your sidebar.

Then you can copy and paste your links from your old template into the new.


I have to check out that pod cast, and I need to come to a drawing class with you guys damnit! And that picture of you with mickey is adorable!!

Will Finn said...

Dale is indeed a gentleman, a director and an animator supreme. And so soft spoken John Sanford and I sometimes called him "Silent Dale" due to his resemblance to 'Silent Bob' in Kevin Smith's movies. (Dale's a lot taller though...)
One of my happiest gigs was animating Goofy in a car commercial Dale directed almost 20 years ago...

BaerDesigns said...

Help! I'v lost contact with my cousin, Dale Baer. Can you help me reconnect?
~Bonnie Baer, TN