Mar 29, 2006

Drawings from a super artist

Very exciting blog news this morning. Right here, fresh off the desk:

Dave Pimentel

self-caricature by Dave
I love Dave's drawings. He has a wonderfully fluid line, unerring eye, does caricature like nobody's business, and also has great sensitivity toward his subjects: male, female, animal, vegetable, kid or crone. His stuff always evinces acting. I've learned a lot from him, and have been bugging him to post his own work. He also teaches life drawing at Dreamworks, passing along the Walt Stanchfield approach while incorporating his own take; earlier class notes are up on his pal Jim Hull's Seward Street, but he tells me he'll post future handouts and examples on his new blog. Watch for them!

He's a very busy man(head of story); full life, family and all the bells and whistles, but as I've pestered him, it takes less time to post than it looks, so hopefully once he's got the bit well and truly chomped on he'll share more of his work, and talk about what inspires him. He's a great animation friend to know.


J said...

GOOOD stuff!!

Nick Sung said...

that is very exciting news!

Anonymous said...

Woot! Dave!