Jan 30, 2006


I've only met animator Jim Hull briefly, across the courtyard at work(I doubt he remembers it), but I've been reading his blog Seward Street regularly for a year now. It's one of the places I check compulsively when I go online and want to read some good, interesting, thoughtful writing on animation, drawing, filmmaking, Disney history--he's really tops.

So imagine my shock when I saw that Jim has humbled this here site with a very kind post on his own page. He's OTT--but hey, I'll take those nice words and give the credit right where it's due--to Freddie Moore, Ward Kimball, John K., Walt, the Disney Studios of the past--the founders of the feast of stuff I've collected here and there. If I can share with the community of artists and also with those whose writing and art has so enlightened and entertained me, it's a rare treat.
Thanks, Jim!


Garrett Shikuma said...

Hi Jenny! Yeah, I just found your blog through Seward Street, another one of my favorite sites for animation inspiration as well. Your blog is great, I can't believe I haven't stumbled upon it before!
Ill be sure to keep coming back to check out your future artwork and great animation posts!


Jenny said...

Thanks much, Garrett!

tygriffin said...

Hi Jenny!

I, too, happened to stumble across your blog when I was visiting Seward Street. I like what you have to share! I look forward to reading more. :)