Jan 15, 2006

Additions and signposts

I wanted to mention, given the increased traffic lately and the keen interest in John K's heretofore unseen elephant designs, that I've been adding to the drawings in the last post below, doubling the orignal number.
Just in case you come back and wouldn't think to take a second look at the elephants.
This is it for the time being, as far as John's work goes. I'm very glad to be able to have this forum to share them--it's a waste to have them tucked away in a drawer. One of the joys of working in an animation studio surrounded by other artists are those times when another person hauls out his or her bunch of saved model sheets, drawings, notes, what-have-yous, and you see something new. This is a small virtual version of that.

And so, as I notice that most visitors are going directly to the posts with the elephants via the links from other sites, I'd humbly suggest that you have a look at my earlier posts. There's more cool oddities and some pretty neat things pertaining to animation history. I think my best entry thus far has been this one about Fred Moore. These older posts don't appear on the current page due to space, so just an FYI. Thanks for dropping by!


Dave said...

Yeah, I didn't know about your blog until Cartoon Brew pointed me over here, but I really enjoy seeing all the stuff.

I did see your earlier posts and I do fondly remember your site about Ernie Kovacs - sadly you don't get to see his stuff on TV as much as you should (wasn't he on Trio?).

I'm not as much into animation as I was in the old days (imagine... the 90's the "old days!"), but perhaps someday my interest will really be reignited. Good luck with this site!

David said...


Yours has become one of my favorite animation blogs.

Not only do you draw fantastically yourself, you have the heart of an animation lover/historian beating within you.

I love the historical posts you've made, especially the Fred Moore piece , and I hope you'll consider publishing the whole article on Fred that you prepared for the late Funnyworld mag. that was never published.


Zimpleton said...

Thank´s for the comments you left on my blog.

Nice girls you have here. I like them. You should post a few more.

And I like the Gimson drawing. I´ve never seen him do much besides pertty faces, long skirts and hats, but that is my own fault I guess.

By the way. Did you know that Blachwing´s also were John Steinbeck´s favourite pencil?


Ron said...

I love your blog Jenny. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

Jenny said...

Thanks, guys--all of you--I really appreciate it.
A little feedback is a wonderful thing. : )

Zimpleton said...

Did I just write Gimson???
I should have my head examined, or my fingers.
I meant Gibson.